Winter dragon by lumaris

The prophets say that there comes a day when even Gods must die…

Only three years after the end of the Usurper’s War that tore apart the Rhomeryii Heartlands, war is on the horizon again as the The High Kingdom of Nevarre to the north threatens to tear itself apart in a battle for the throne of the Ard RĂ­. Worse yet, this is seen as an opportunity by the fanatics with the Church of The Three, new deities who have risen as usurpers to replace and destroy the Old Gods.

In a world where The Beyond holds dreaming minds just across the thin veil of the waking, a storm like that does not pass unremarked. Like a beacon, the war calls to things better left forgotten with the magic they carry. And in The City of Winter, The Order of Eyes, commonly referred to as “demons” by the men of the south, stand vigilant for the inevitable breach of the delicate barriers that hold back the Beyond. But all it takes is one little foothold in the mind of a Touched.

Magic is dangerous and uncontrollable. Humanity walks the earth unopposed, save for the whispered rumors of The Faer Folk, beautiful as knives are beautiful; Demons, who answer to their own purposes and can destroy with their will alone; the Dhyrmgar beneath the surface, who toil away in the heart of the mountains, taming the fires at the heart of the world to craft beauty out of metal; and of course, spirits.

Whether for good or ill, a small group of people have emerged from relative obscurity to shift the course of events. A leper prince who wanders as an exile, a drunken veteran looking for one last great battle, a warrior who wears his faith of the Old Gods as his shield; these are the faces to change history. The powers that be have hedged their bets, hoping beyond hope.

There are worse things in the Beyond than spirits…

A Crown of Frost

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