Andraste of Witchwood

High Marshall of the Rhimghast


Unquestioned Queen of her domain and power behind Cullan’s throne, the feyling Andraste guides Rhomeryn with a gentle but irresistible hand and controls the King’s armies. She is a friend and frequent patron of the party’s, having given them land and title. She is the political counterweight to the Church, and is seen as a bastion of witchcraft and heresy.


The Marshall’s victories during the Usurper’s War made her reputation as a talented general and elevated her from the ranks of common mercenary scum to high nobility. She has a fondness in her heart for adventurers, and often offers them a place to stay.

Andraste began in obscurity as the out-of-wedlock child of a woman burned at the stake for witchcraft and consorting with evil spirits. She was adopted by an ex-Templar and served in his mercenary company when she was old enough. It served as excellent training for when she was recruited by Cullan, moving quickly up the ranks.

However, her skill is mercifully tempered by a desire for a stable country instead of herself on the throne. She unearthed Asherah and gave the valkyr shape, using that power to win the Usurper’s War for Cullen. The two are still bonded to this day.

Andraste has no magical ability, but like all feylings, she is keyed very closely into the Beyond.

Andraste of Witchwood

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