“Yes, your kind call us demons. We keep the name because it pleases us. Men fear demons, and fear gives power. Any child will say, ‘They are invincible!’ And this makes us so.”


Enigmatic creatures of the frozen north, the demons are relatively newly arrived into the history of men. No one is entirely certain where they come from or what their intentions are, but they have made their home in The City of Winter, once home to the Witch King. They are much less fearsome in appearance than exaggerated tales in the south might expect, standing roughly as tall as a man and of slighter build. However, their true power comes from their will.

The demons can use the strength of their own mind to force others into submission or crush them utterly. They do not see the universe as mortal men do, wholly unaffected by the passage of time and cold to the world of sensation. Each demon operates in a coldly logical, wholly duty-oriented fashion. They hold most other races in disdain for the chaotic and selfish nature of their lives, particularly humans. The demons see the continuation of their own existence and fulfillment of their own desires as secondary to their purpose in life.

A young demon is not something ever seen by the outside world, though logically some must exist. Many of the few named ones known to the other races have been around for centuries, relatively unchanged. They carry the winter with them in an air of coldness.

The only humans demons appear to feel any real connection to or compassion for are the mages. Indeed, the demons seem to possess more knowledge about The Taint and The Touched than anyone else, frequently going to great lengths to bring mages back to the sanctity of their frozen city.

Every known demon in the annals of history has been a member of the Order of Eyes. No one is entirely certain if there exist demons who are not, but the race is few and almost non existent outside of their cities. So far, they have exhibited little desire for conquest or influence in other spheres, despite their crushing victory over the Church of The Three.


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