“The child is not mine as the first was,
I cannot sing it to rest,
I cannot lift it up fatherly
And bliss it upon my breast;
Yet it lies in my little one’s cradle
And sits in my little one’s chair,
And the light of the heaven she’s gone to
Transfigures its golden hair.”

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No one is entirely certain what a feyling is, as they share few of the characteristics of The Faer Folk. They appear to age and are quite mortal, unable to alter their own forms though they do carry something of the glamor about them. They are changelings, often left in the place of stolen babes, or alternatively abandoned on the occasional doorstep. The changelings are often left to die, but some people have been known to take them in and are often indirectly rewarded for their efforts. Changelings have an aptitude for arts and crafts, frequently becoming some of the best artisans in the world.

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Feylings come in a variety of forms, and rarely are two alike. One might be a twisted, deformed, ugly creature while another is a creature of delicate beauty and perfect glamor. The most common traits are large, strange eyes, long and thin fingers or limbs, pointed ears, and the ability to maintain their essence perfectly in The Beyond, moving through it just as though it were the real world. They are able to perceive things that are magical in nature, and can generally separate what is real from what is unreal.

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Mistrusted and often shunned by whole communities, many feylings withdraw from humans altogether and seek the company of others of their kind. In the past, they usually spent their lives alone in the woods, living as recluses and pursuing their particular gift. Because of their inherently flawed nature and inability to fit with either the world of men or the world of the Faer Folk, most feel a call to wander.

However, the appointment of Andraste of Witchwood as High Marshal of The Rhimghast, a new chapter is opening in the lives of feylings. Many have joined her in Frosthaven, creating a more accepting home.


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