The Beyond

“Sickness, insanity and death were the angels that surrounded my cradle and they have followed me throughout my life.”


The Beyond is a study in the absurd, the insane, and the impossible. The realm of dreaming minds, magic, and spirits, everything is subjective and mutable. Nothing is real, and everything is. It is a world utterly deadly to any who stray into it, tearing apart the unwary who think to master it. And to linger in it too long dooms one to non-existence.

Everything in the world possesses “essence”, how real it is. For every tree, there is the idea Tree. For every stone, the idea Stone. It is as if you drew an object and then simplified it and simplified it and simplified it, until it was just one line that contains the pure sense of Being. However, these are not concrete. Magic is merely The Taint and The Touched altering the real form in the Beyond, and thus altering reality.

Those who linger too long in the Beyond risk losing themselves completely as their essence gradually fades away into the vague grayness that makes up most of the Beyond. The only exceptions to this rule appears to be The Faer Folk and Feylings. No one knows the truth of the nature of Demons, but it is presumed they are immune as well.

The Beyond is home to Spirits and Shades, as well as the Old Gods. As a general rule, nothing can leave the Beyond unless called or permitted to leave. As such, those who stray into the Beyond may find themselves beset by spirits aiming to lure or beguile them into bringing an invisible passenger with them. Many times, the signs of possession do not manifest until too late to save the person, and they must be struck down.

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The other danger of the Beyond is wandering into it unwarily. The Touched can occasionally pull segments of the Beyond into the real world, or vice versa. It is one of the dangers inherent to their gift. It can be difficult to distinguish the two, but a wise and practiced person can usually puzzle it out. However, they may also need the assistance of others who are outside the Beyond to guide them back by means of particular rituals.

A last note is the danger the Beyond poses to the Touched: a mind with the Taint is like a beacon, calling the worst the Beyond has to offer. All Touched venture into the Beyond when they sleep, and resisting its temptations and influences may very well be what drives them completely mad. It is full of things, evil things, things that would love nothing more than to be free.

The consequences of one of these creatures escaping its prison cannot be overstated, particularly a Fragment.

The Beyond

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