The Faer Folk

“Come to me, and I will give you all you desire. You just have to want to let me in…”

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All most of humankind remembers of the Faer Folk is that they were (or, more correctly, are) beautiful. Infused with magics at the core of their very being, some have theorized that the Faer Folk were once spirits, who like the enigmatic Demons, learned to give themselves form and reality. Little else is known about the Faer Folk, save for folk tales.

There are reasons why one doesn’t go into the forest at night, stray from the paths, and talk to strangers on the roads.

The Faer Folk are almost to a one malicious. A few are said to bestow blessings on those who flatter them appropriately, but for the most part they are cruel and vicious creatures who find great amusement in watching humans writhe in discomfort or in the throes of a curse. The more dangerous and less annoying ones, true elves, occasionally steal infants or lead people astray, never to be seen again. What their purpose is, no one has dared to hazard a guess.

Sages who have made some study of their myths say simply this: Believe nothing of the Faerie and take nothing that is theirs, for they have a way of always getting it back. Someone with extraordinary will and wit may be able to escape, but someone who returns is never the same afterward: supernaturally aged, twisted and deformed, mute, or blind, for example.

No one is entirely certain of what the true form of one of the Faer Folk looks like, as their glamour is omnipresent and extremely difficult for even the Touched to see through.

The Faer Folk tend to be drawn to places that are “between”, like river banks, bridges, hollow hills, and the crossroads. Under no circumstances should their lights be followed.

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The Faer Folk

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