The Order of Eyes

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


Made up of human foot soldiers and Demons as commanders, the Order serves as both the guardians and the prison wardens of the mages within the City of Winter. They will go to great lengths to secure more mages and bring them into the fold as well. Religious worry that they do this to create a great weapon. Other sages attribute to them a more beneficial goal: shielding the world from the mages.

The reality is that the Order exists to protect mages from themselves and the world around them. Commanded by the Voice of the Divine, the Order keeps its eternal vigil over the mages, caring for them and guiding them, brutally punishing any who attempt to harm their wards. But by the same token, for their own protection, the Touched who remain cannot stray from their home.

The Order of Eyes is a rather secretive organization and is ill-understood. Many think of them as an army of man-eating demons. The Order has not attempted to correct this notion, as it tends to keep people away from them.

The Order of Eyes

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